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Wedding Theme: 3 Reasons You Need One

What is a Wedding Theme?

A wedding theme is basically the thread that holds your garmet together at the seams. It makes your wedding look as though, it was actually planned. A wedding theme is a criterion, idea or guideline by which things are organized in a meaningfuly way. Wedding themes can be based on a time in history (era), location, culture, movie, etc. Examples of wedding themes are: rustic, victorian (era), beach (location), vintage (era), traditional (culture). See examples of wedding themes and their categories below.


Imagine going to a house visit a friend for the frst time. Upon arrival, half of the gate is wooden and brown, and the other half is metal and silver in colour. The house is painted green, yellow, pink and brown. Upon entering the house and being taken to the living room all the walls you see are painted different colors. (We hope we haven’t lost you yet. Just a few more moments to toture you and we will be done with this scene). One sofa is made of bamboo, one is made of leather an the others are swivel chairs usually found in an office. You see african artifacts, modern cutting edge decorations and others you just couldn’t describe if you wanted to.
Let’s stop here in the living room. Now, close your eyes and imagine some of the things that would be going on in your head as you sit in your sofa or swivel chair of choice. You’re probably not thinking “Wow, I want my house to look something like this.” You may in fact want to take pictures, but only to show others your latest disturbing discovery. If you already haven’t made the connection between the above scenario and wedding themes, It will soon become clear.

1. Narrows down choices and decisions to be made
Let’s say you wanted a dress for a party and it had to be a blue dress. What will happen is that, when you go shopping for the dress or fabric to make the dress, your focus will be on blue. This rules out yellow, green, black, brown and any other color dress or fabric that is not blue. It saves you a lot of time and energy, you limit your distractions and know when you’ve found what you’re looking for. This is what a theme does for your wedding. In selecting decorative pieces, choosing wedding stationery, and wedding colours, a wedding theme helps you focus on a particular style. Because let’s face it, there are many beautiful wedding ideas and color combinations out there. If left alone, you may end up with a multi-themed, multi-coloured wedding, like our house above.

2. Color and Decor Coordination
Once you decide a wedding theme, various aspects of your wedding ceremony will be coordinated to fall in line with the theme. Your wedding stationery is more than likely to reflect your wedding colours. Your decor: flowers, table cloths and runners, napkins, drapery, etc will all be cordinated in a harmonious way. It creates a comfortable ambiance for you and for your guests.

3. Good images
Wedding photographs look so much better when there is a theme. Background colours and decor look uniform and coordinated. It is becomes aparent when photos are taken that, they were taken at the same event.
In short, while no one will stop you from getting married without a wedding theme, we strongly recommend that during your wedding planning, you have a theme to work with. It really saves you a lot of trouble, time and inconvenience, and gives your event a beautiful outcome. Sometimes, couples panic when they hear the word “theme” because it sounds expensive. However, this is actually not the case. Your wedding theme can be as simple as you would like it to be, or as extravagant as you can afford.

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