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Step by step wedding checklist

Is wedding planning giving you a hard time? It is, of course. Wedding planning can easily cause distress to you if you are somebody who loves perfection. Every little detail needs to be planned in advance so that your wedding is as dreamy as you want it to be. But this can get harder when you are the only one involved in planning. The best way to make it a tad bit easier on yourself is to have a good bridesmaid’s team who will help you out with most of the arrangements. We also have a wedding checklist designed especially to make your work easier below:

1. Making the announcement

It is important that you make the announcement for your wedding so that people can start planning. It is okay to make the announcement even before you have fixed a date. Today, everything has gone digital so you can send out e-mails or posts on social media platforms announcing your wedding. This way, people who live far away can make arrangements and plans accordingly.

2. Date and Destination

Fixing a date sooner is really essential. Do not fix a date and stick to it. Keep your options open around the date that you can get. Sometimes your dream destination or place for your wedding will not have openings for the same date. Any date that takes you a step closer to getting married in the place of your dreams needs to be selected. While choosing a date, roughly figure out the month and the time of the month and then start looking for different destinations that you could get married at. We cannot emphasize enough on how important it is to keep your options open. When you keep your options open, chances are that you could get something better.

3. Dress shopping

You must plan your wedding dress ideas at least six months in advance. If you are getting it designed, look for great pieces in wedding catalogs, Pinterest, and magazines. This way, you will be able to find your dream wedding dress easily. If you are purchasing a dress from an already established store, you should try it on as soon as possible. Planning in advance will help you avoid fitting and size issues. Go for a dress that is comfortable and makes you feel like yourself.

4. Invites

Sending out invites three months in advance is a great idea. You can go for proper invitation cards or boxes or you can send out e-invites after you send your ‘save the date’. Sending early invites will help you in getting over with one huge task of inviting people, making time for other planning. This will also help the friends or family members who live in a different country to make visa arrangements and plan their time around the wedding.

5. Organize

You will have to be organized before you have organized your special day. Buy a planner or a notebook and write down which vendor you need to meet and when. If you are buying a planner, you will be able to look for a particular date easily. This will keep you systematic. (thewvg’s planning tools are a great way of getting things done.
Hope this wedding checklist helps you in keeping sane while you plan your big day!

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