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Wedding Planner: 5 reasons to hire one

Wedding planning can give you a hard time. There’s just a lot to do! From the littlest of things like the champagne glasses to the biggest, a wedding band, there is just too much to plan. This could lead to extreme stress, leaving the bride and the groom dull on their special day. Often when you plan a wedding yourself, there are chances that you would go way over budget, waste time, and resources into finding the ‘perfect’ everything. This is when wedding planners come into the picture. They are responsible for everything that happens behind the scenes of the wedding and everything that happens on the day of the wedding. Here is a list of top 5 reasons of hiring a wedding planner:

1. Budget

Budget is the most essential thing for a wedding. You don’t want to spend too much or too little. This is why hiring the most proficient wedding planners helps. They help you stick to your budget.  A wedding planner can look at your budget and help you move everything around to get the day you really want without going over. This means a perfect wedding on the date that suits your preferences with only the budget amount spent, what a good deal, right?

2. Vendors

Wedding planners already know the best vendors for each little thing that is a part of the big day. It saves your time of going through hundreds of vendor profiles for finding the perfect item. They will get you the most experienced and trustworthy vendors based on your style or preferences or budget. Planners are great at helping you in deciding who you want to book for what, and keeping you stress-free while going through the process.

3. Managing your guest list

It is important to have a guest list prior to sending the ‘Save the dates’ out. Adding one guest to your list, even one, will increase your cost per head by 200 to 300 bucks straight. It is important to maintain good and cordial relationships with everybody but your main focus should be celebrating your day of love and not stressing over who was called and who wasn’t. This can be easily managed by the wedding planners as they have planned hundreds of weddings before yours and have mastered each aspect of the wedding. Hiring a wedding planner is the best way to go in order to stress less and celebrate more!

4. Unique Ideas

Wedding planners will make you and your partner think of unique and out of the box ideas and themes. This will give your wedding a more personalized touch because you will know what exactly needs to be done, and not only that, whatever dreams you have for the big day can come true with the help of the most efficient wedding planners.

5. Stay Organized

When you plan a wedding independently, chances are that you will often be confused with the dates of meeting different vendors and it will be a chaotic mess. With the help of wedding planners, you will be able to stay organized and the pre-wedding tasks will be done in a systematic manner.

You’ve read all about why you must hire a wedding planner. And we’re sure you are considering our ideas and suggestions. Happy wedding and wedding planning to you!


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