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4 Ways to Slice Your Wedding Budget

This article is specially geared towards those who have a limited wedding budget or just believe in keeping it simple. Either way, we have come up with 4 ways you can save on your marriage ceremony. We did some research and fortunately, there is nothing out there that associates the cost of a marriage ceremony with how happy the couple will be or how long the marriage will last.

1. Have your traditional and white wedding on the same day.

It is gradually becoming more commonplace to see such events. The engagement is usually held in the morning, with a finger food reception. Afterward, the white/church wedding is held late morning or afternoon and a larger reception afterward.

2. Opt for one type of wedding

In most cases, this should be the traditional/customary ceremony. This is the true African way to get married. If you have a family or partner who is not insistent on the church/white wedding, just a traditional one is the way to go. For religious purposes, having an ordained minister officiate the traditional ceremony, fufills your religious obligations. Even better, if your officiating minister is licensed to do so, your marriage certificate can be signed at your ceremony, making your marriage a legal Ordinanc Marriage. (See “Three Main Types of Marriage in Ghana”) 

3. Restrict Your Traditional Engagement Attendance

It is not necessary to have a large guest list for your traditional marriage. Technically, only a few key family members are required to be in attendance. Keeping this ceremony significantly small and intimate can help cut down on the cost of hosting and catering for the event.

4. Have a Registry/Church Signing, with or without a reception afterward

Getting married is truly about that… getting married. The ceremony is a formality that allows us to share the joyful moment with friends and family. In the event that this is possible, you can sign in your church’s office, the Registrar General’s Department, your Municipal or District Assembly. You have the option to have a small reception for very close friends and family if you wish. At a later date, you can have a wedding ceremony that is the talk of the town, if you so choose.

There are many real-life examples of the above options presented. We understand that not all options work for everyone. Furthermore, some families will not “permit” some of those proposed and prefer to keep the wedding budget open. Whatever the case is, it is good to stay informed about the choices you have and pitch them to your partner/family if this is what you want. Remember that at the end of the day, your marriage ceremony should be one that works for you and your partner, especially if you guys are footing the majority of the cost of your wedding ceremony. The WVG strongly advises against borrowing money to put on a lavish wedding ceremony. We hope this helps some… Happy planning and good luck!

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