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Types of Wedding Venues to Consider

You’ve decided to get married and have a ceremony. Now the question is, “Where?”. When it comes to choosing a wedding venue, the first thing to decide is whether it will be an indoor or outdoor wedding. Each type of wedding venue depends on personal preference, budget. We decided to provide you with the accompanying pros and cons of both types of wedding venues. In some cases, you could consider combining both locations.


Gardens, Pavilions, Open Tents, Beaches, etc

Among the types of wedding venues to consider, outdoor weddings provide the most relaxed and welcoming ambiance. Check out some of these beautiful outdoor ceremonies below.

Pros:Cost: An outdoor wedding venue can be what you make it. You can either use a minimalist approach or grand decor to beautify the location. Locations vary from outdoor personal private spaces such as home gardens, to commercial ones like hotel gardens. With commercial outdoor venues, the cost of using such spaces is almost always lower than using their indoor spaces. Setup possibilities: Outdoor venues provide you with the freedom to erect temporary structures of almost any size or design. There tends to be little to no restriction in using the outdoors for an event, as long as permanent damage isn’t done to the event space. You can usually create almost any kind of seating arrangement you want, to accommodate the number of guests attending. Lighting: If your event is being done in the daytime, lighting concerns are covered by mother nature, at no extra cost. Cons:Weather: One major downside of using an outdoor venue is exposure to the weather. The hot sun, rain, wind, dust, etc., can disrupt your event significantly. As a result, you may have to plan for an indoor location as a contingency, which may come at a cost. Some remedy this possibility with a tent. Open tents are not entirely as effective in fixing this issue, as air conditioned ones. Flooring: If you love heels like our ladies here at the WVG do, then you know what an outdoor wedding can do to them. It can be quite uncomfortable for guests in heels and often times the bride as well, to have their shoes dig in and out of the soil each time they take a step. Additionally, the grass may make shoes dirty and leave scuffs on them. These days, artificial turf can be used to remedy this. However, this comes at an additional cost. Setup Restrictions: Although there tends to be little to no restriction in setup options, one often has to consider mounting structures to support the decor, lighting (if any), power sources, etc., thus limiting setup possibilities to some extent as well.   https://thewvg.com/vendor/nomadik-tents-gh/


Banquet Halls, Churches, Air Conditioned Tents

As far as wedding venues go, indoor weddings provide a cozy closed-off ambiance that feels controlled and held together. There are various types of indoor wedding venues including stand-alone event centers, air conditioned tents, conference centers, churches, hotels and universities. Check out examples below.

Pros: Weather: The good thing about using an indoor wedding venue is protection from the elements. One need not worry about the wind, rain or dust once guests in inside. As an added bonus, you have controlled temperature at your ceremony. Decor: Because of the solid walls and ceiling, it is relatively easier to mount decorations and lights. As seen in the photos above, an indoor venue can be transformed into almost any environment desired. Cons: Cost: Using an indoor wedding venue usually does not come cheap. Renting an air conditioned space and the cost of decor are important factors to consider in choosing from the different types of wedding venues. There might be large deposits required, towards possible damage of property. Setup restrictions: An indoor facility is likely to come with restrictions on what kind of setup and entertainment one can have. Although indoor wedding fireworks exist, some wedding venues do not allow them, because accidents can still happen and cause damage or harm. The number of guests and the seating arrangement you want may not be feasible, depending on the size and shape of the hall you can afford.  

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