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5 Ways To Express Love

Love is not just a feeling; it is something that makes any person feel better instantly. We all have a really hard time in finding love these days, be it in a romantic relationship or otherwise. Love is lost where there is a communication gap or any other petty issue. Our lives are fast but not lovely. And with this fast life, we are missing out on the most important aspect that can easily change our lives for better, love. If you are not being loved, be the one who loves. Here are five ways to express love:

1. Listen

Romantic relationship or not, it is always better to listen more than you talk. There should always be an 80-20 rule where eighty percent of the times you listen and twenty percent of the time you talk. This is extremely important because the more you listen, the more you will come to know about what the other person likes and dislikes. Remembering little things about the person will make them feel better instantly and also make them feel special. You will be able to touch a lot of hearts with listening to what the other person has to say.

2. Support

If you want to show an unconditional love, support is the best way to go. And by support we don’t just mean support, we mean holding on even when times get hard. If your loved one is doing something new or maybe starting a new venture, show your support by helping them out or just by being next to them in whatever they are doing. Be enthusiastic about what their plans are and encourage them to go forward. This is how you express your love to a person who does not feel loved too often.

3. Cards

Love is in small gestures. Every time you think that your loved one is not feeling too good, write them little notes full of positive messages. This is a hack that will definitely lift their mood easily. If you are not too creative like us, get a store-bought card and write a little message for them that gives them the push they need. This way, you are doing two things, the first one being the expression of love and the second one being immense support. With such small notes and cards, you can remind them that you are always going to be there for them.

4. Help

Helping somebody when they need is the perfect way to express love. For instance, if you see a person struggling with their grocery bags, ask them if they need help. There is a chance that even if the person does not need your help, they will feel better. Just asking to offer help will make somebody’s day better.

5. Time

There is nothing else that screams love than spending time with your loved one. This is really helpful when your loved one is not feeling too good. Spending quality time with your loved one does not need to be something grand. Even if you just sit there with them silently, it will still work.
Now that you know how to express love make sure that you make at least one person feel loved today!

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