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Dream Magazine is a champagne lifestyle magazine written exclusively for the elite affluent consumer, in addition to ‘the rising African’ who possesses positive attitudes in acquiring wealth and stylish living.
Each bi-annual issue will provide detailed information covering the best of the best across the whole spectrum of luxury lifestyle, including fashion, jewellery, travel, real estate, events, gourmet dining, health and wellbeing, spirits, technology, luxury transport and more.
The design and length of our editorial features suit the tastes of these affluent consumers. Presented in a luxurious format, its lavishly thick and glossy paper, and beautiful cover models perfectly personify this high-flying audience.
For the fortunate men and women who are leading, or aspiring to lead, this glamorous globetrotting lifestyle Dream aims to become their ultimate guide for living the Champagne Lifestyle. The magazine will be considered essential reading for the New Jet Set, and our goal is to make it easy for them to find.
Copies of Dream will be placed on the busiest shelves across Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa and will have a permanent home in the most prestige waiting rooms, enabling us to reach the consumer directly when they have time to relax and read. This means your ad message isn’t being sent somewhere that won’t be visited for months or sorted out by a gatekeeper at the office while your potential customer is sunning in St. Tropez.

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