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St. John’s Hospital & Fertility Centre

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About this business

St John’s Hospital & Fertility Centre is a new hospital situated at Tantra Hills junction just beside the Goil filling station. The main goal of the hospital is to ease the stress people leaving around go through in terms of accessing health services and to provide quality and affordable healthcare services to surrounding communities.

Our mission is to contribute to the socio-economic development and local health industry by promoting health and vitality through the provision of equitable access to quality primary health care for everyone in the Ga West Municipality and its environs in the Greater Accra Region by the skilled and well-motivated medical team.

The services we provide we are;
Antenatal Clinic
Dental Clinic
Dietician Clinic
Eye Clinic
Paediatric Clinic
Surgery/Urology Clinic
Ultrasound Scan
OBS & Gynae Clinic
Physiotherapy Clinic
Physician Clinic

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Contact Info

Nii Ayi Kushie Street, Accra, Ghana
Monday 24h open

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