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You spend weeks, months, and sometimes more than a year planning a wedding. The day comes and you and your spouse are the center of attention, the day lasts for 6-12 hours, the decoration is beautiful, the food is brilliant and all the people you love are there to wish you well. How much of it did you actually see?

Our mission is to be everywhere and freeze every moment in time so you can live your day over and over again. We give you pictures that will always remind you of a different part of that day even the parts you might not have been in but somebody told you about. Every one photo is different and unique, just as your day is to you.
Our aim is to make all the preparation memorable. We want you to see how all the details and different ideas came together to form that one amazing event that starts the rest of your lives together.

We don’t shoot weddings, we save the day for you.
Kwame .A.

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