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Holy Trinity Spa & Health Farm

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About this business

The Integrative Health Department of the multiple-award-winning Holy Trinity SPA & Health farm is located in Sogakope in the Volta Region. The SPA is located in a serene, stunning natural setting that stretches along Ghana’s largest river, the Volta River. It has a striking design and is decorated in shades of serene nature green.The tranquil setting is a complete contrast to the stresses and strains of daily life. One may relax and unwind thanks to the surrounding nature, the Volta River’s pleasant breeze, and the chirping of many bird species. The SPA’s basic benefits include boosting your mood, making you feel better, and giving you the ability to think clearly and blissfully about your life. To book a session with us or to know more, contact us at 0244311160 or 0264311160. Visit https://spa.holytrinity.com.gh/ to know more about our services.


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