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GiGkiTs provides exceptional vent Lighting Special Effects that creates everlasting memories.

Elegant, sophisticated, and modern illuminations for your special day.

At GiGkiTs, we know that quality illumination can be the difference between a beautiful wedding, and a memorable one. There is no better way to create atmosphere and draw focus where you want it. Whether the wedding is intimate, or large scale, we use our expertise and state of the art equipment to create elegant, creative looks that highlight the space and represent the unique style of each client.

The mood and setting of a place can be determined simply by the mood of the lighting. Demure, bright, romantic, larger than life, self-contained, presumptuous, glamorous, over the top, formal or young at heart whatever your needs and whatever the occasion we at GiGkiTs AVS of Accra are your lighting solution!

We don’t just provide the equipment and light them up at your event; we literally produce the entertainment aspect of your wedding ensuring the right ambiance or mood is lit at varied instance of the wedding or event.

Mood Lighting
Ambiance Lighting
Gobo Pattern Lighting
String, Market, Bistro Lighting
LED Fairy Lighting
Paper Lantern Lighting
Video & Photography Lighting
Music Video Lighting
Pinspot Lighting
Beam Show

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