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GeniusEvents & Services Limited is a value-driven event management and travel and tour company. We offer customized support to corporate and social events

GeniusEvents & Services Limited offer customized support to corporate and social events. Located in Accra, Ghana, we serve as a one-stop provider responding to the A-Z of planning and executing all events and ceremonies successfully. Registered in 2015, the company commenced operations towards the end of 2016.

We give every event the attention and uniqueness it deserves by tailoring plans to suit the expectations of our clients in record time. Our passion to share in the joy of our client propels us to apply flexibility, professionalism and team work in what we do. Our target market includes Corporate Institutions, individuals, religious bodies, charity organizations, educational institutions and Non-Governmental Organizations. We have an intense urge to deliver value-added services, leading to varying possibilities for an events success and to our clients’ satisfaction.

GeniusEvent Services Ltd is geared towards ensuring that its client receives an all-in-one package comprising event management (planning and execution), event promotion, communication support, event logistics, rental and management, décor provisions and sale, shuttle services and travel & tour services.

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