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Review Policy

Providing clients with a review system that allows feedback of services rendered by vendors, is very important to us at The WVG. To ensure a good quality of reviews, we have strict guidelines that reviewers and vendors being reviewed must follow. Should any review be in violation of our guidelines below, and has not come to the attention of our team, please do not hesitate to report it to us, and swift and appropriate action will be taken. Reports can be made to support@thewvg.com.

Alternatively, a vendor may dispute a review by using the “Dispute Review” option in the “Reviews” section in their account. Kindly see the guidelines to Review Disputation below. Vendors may also leave a public response to a review on The WVG interface. Responses must follow “Rules for Reviews”.

Rules for Reviews:
Reviewers may only leave one review for each vendor, regardless of the nature of the review. They may however reply to any responses to their review. Responses must follow “Rules for Reviews”.

The Reviewer must have conducted business with the Vendor being reviewed. The WVG reserves the right to take steps to gather information (contracts, proof of payment, emails, etc) from the reviewer, confirming that they conducted business with the vendor being reviewed. We will not accept any documents in formats that are editable and reserve the right to request further information to confirm the business transaction.

To ensure that our review system is reliable and maintains integrity, The WVG reserves the right to remove reviews for the following reasons:

  • Review contains language that is profane or vulgar or contains statements that are discriminatory to any class of people (e.g., race, socio-economic status, tribe, age, etc)
  • Review makes reference to actions taken or allegedly taken by The WVG or any law enforcement organization.
  • Review is not relevant to the vendor and is an attempt at some other form of communication (e.g., advertisement of services, solicitation of information unrelated to vendor’s work, sexual solicitation, spam, chain letters, etc)
  • Review has court-ordered “cease and desist” instructions
  • Reviewer cannot be reached after 7 days of posting review, review has been disputed by a vendor. Reviewer will be contacted to provide proof of business conducted for all disputed reviews.
  • Review contains personal information of vendor, that vendor does not want and has not made public (e.g., phone numbers, addresses, ID numbers, etc.).

Review Disputation
Reviews may be disputed by vendors for one reason only. The vendor has not conducted business with the reviewer or believes the representation of the nature of business conducted to be false. Once a review is disputed, the following will occur:

  • Review will be temporarily removed from the vendor’s profile pending verification. The reviewer will see review in account with the tag “This review is undergoing verification”
  • The WVG will contact the reviewer within 3 business days requesting information (e.g., receipts, contracts, emails, pictures, etc.) to verify business conducted with the vendor.
  • The reviewer will have a maximum of 7 business days within which to provide such information.
  • If supporting documents provided are verified, the review will be reinstated within 14 days.
  • Failure to meet the time requirement will result in the review remaining removed from the vendor profile, and the verification process being closed. A tag will then appear next to review saying “This review could not be verified.”
  • The reviewer will have a maximum of 60 days to provide acceptable documentation while the review remains in their account. If the reviewer is able to provide acceptable proof within this time frame, the review will be re-instated. If not, it will be permanently deleted from The WVG site.
  • If the proof provided is insufficient, the reviewer will be contacted and offered a final opportunity to provide supporting documents. Failure to do so after this will result in the complete deletion of the review.