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Author: thewvg

Wedding Day is one of the most important and the most memorable days for any bride and groom. Although the planning of your wedding day is hectic and tedious, there are certain essentials no couple should miss out on their wedding day and here are some of them: A beautiful Venue: When it comes to […]

Who thinks of medical tests when they think of getting married? Between sharing the news, finding the perfect dress, venue, etc, who has time to think of medical tests? Some couples belong to religious organisations that require that certain medical information be provided before marriage takes place. Regardless, couples need to seriously consider the following […]

Love is not just a feeling; it is something that makes any person feel better instantly. We all have a really hard time in finding love these days, be it in a romantic relationship or otherwise. Love is lost where there is a communication gap or any other petty issue. Our lives are fast but […]

In Ghana, and some other African countries, there are three main types of marriage recognizable by law: Traditional/Customary, Marriage under Ordinance and Islamic/Mohammedan Marriage. It is important to note that holding a marriage ceremony, while common practice, is not enough to be recognized by law. However, once the appropriate procedures are followed, all three will […]